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Corippo: the kindest and most precious village in the Verzasca Valley

Those who have never been there and take the opportunity to visit it for the first time, those who love Corippo and want to show it to their friends, and those who are descendants of a family that lived in the village or even in the rooms that are now the Albergo Diffuso and want to retrace the steps of their ancestors. All these people have a good reason to come to Corippo and enjoy the simplicity, beauty and tranquillity of this nucleus of old stone houses clinging to the mountain and so simple and essential that they touch everyone.

The Foundation is committed to ensuring that this can continue to happen.

Corippo is the village that has preserved its historical character more than any other. Due to the value of its architectural heritage, the village has been declared a monument of national importance and is strictly protected. Corippo is therefore a settlement worthy of preservation and revitalisation, and this is precisely the aim of the Corippo Foundation, which works together with the Patriziato, the parish, the municipal administration and other organisations active in the region and can count on the support of all those who love Corippo. The foundation finances its activities and projects thanks to donations from public organisations, companies and private individuals.

To achieve its goals, the Corippo Foundation is active on three levels

  • the revitalisation of the village thanks to the family that runs the Albergo Diffuso and lives in Corippo, and thanks to the support of cultural activities
  • the respectful renovation of the cultural and architectural heritage
  • landscape conservation

The “Fondazione Corippo 1975” is recognised as a non-profit organisation declared to be of public benefit. The amount donated can be deducted from your tax return.

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