Corippo 1975 Foundation

In 1975, European Architectural Heritage Year, the village of Corippo was selected by the Confederation and the Canton of Ticino as a historical settlement worthy of preservation and revitalisation. Following up on this political decision, on 9 June 1976 the Confederation, the Canton of Ticino and the commune of Corippo set up the Corippo 1975 Foundation. Today the Foundation is launching a new project. Thanks to its close cooperation with other regional bodies, the Foundation has a keen awareness of local society and culture, coordinating its work carefully and sharing the vision for the development of the entire Verzasca Valley.



The ‘Corippo Foundation 1975’ is recognised as a non-profit organisation declared to be of public benefit. The members of the Foundation Board work in a voluntary capacity. They are assisted by a secretary employed 20%.


Actions and future projects

The Foundation’s aim is to revitalise and promote Corippo, a village classified as being of national importance, by protecting and enhancing its exceptional historical, architectural, town-planning and landscape features. It is therefore planned to implement projects to restore and enhance other buildings, public spaces and historical, cultural and ethnographic objects in the village.

The Foundation’s other areas of activity include coordinating the various projects, their administrative and financial management, the general upkeep of the buildings and objects, the enhancement of the traditional landscape around the village, the creation of educational trails, the organisation of cultural events, and promotional, information, communication and fundraising activities


Foundation board

Marco Molinari

Vice President:
Tiziana Zaninelli

Alfio Bordoli, Ivo Bordoli, Giuliano Gambetta, Fabio Regazzi, Claudio Scettrini, Raffaele Scolari, Damiano Vignuta

Saverio Foletta