Corippo 1975 Foundation

In 1975, European Architectural Heritage Year, the village of Corippo was selected by the Confederation and the Canton of Ticino as a historical settlement worthy of preservation and revitalisation. Following up on this political decision, on 9 June 1976 the Confederation, the Canton of Ticino and the commune of Corippo set up the Corippo 1975 Foundation. Today the Foundation is launching a new project. Thanks to its close cooperation with other regional bodies, the Foundation has a keen awareness of local society and culture, coordinating its work carefully and sharing the vision for the development of the entire Verzasca Valley.

Foundation board

Marco Molinari

Vice President:
Tiziana Zaninelli


Alfio Bordoli, Ivo Bordoli, Giuliano Gambetta, Fabio Regazzi, Claudio Scettrini, Raffaele Scolari, Damiano Vignuta

Saverio Foletta