At their employment interview, the managers Désirée and Jeremy showed up with Ernesto in their arms. It was immediately clear that the Albergo Diffuso would be a family affair. The three of them moved to Corippo, to Casa Arcotti, one of the first stone houses renovated by the Foundation, and last July, in the middle of the Albergo Diffuso’s second year of life, the good news: Leopoldine and Adelaide were born, the first girls to see the light in Corippo for decades. The family now makes up almost 50% of the resident population.

During this first month of 2024, mum Désirée, dad Geremy, eldest son Ernesto, the twins Leopoldine and Adelaide, together with dog Zorro and cat Perle, are recharging their batteries to reopen the Albergo Diffuso and the Osteria next 9 February.

For any information you can consult the site and already reserve your next holiday, Valentine’s Day dinner or plan your next retreat with the team to rekindle the spirits of your company.

Benvenute a Corippo 💞


L’Albergo diffuso e l’Osteria riaprono dopo le vacanze il prossimo 9 febbraio.