“A great hope from the smallest village in Switzerland” is the headline of the Corriere del Ticino informing about the start of the construction site for the realization of the Albergo Diffuso Corippo.

On Tuesday, May 5, the construction site for the realization of the Albergo Diffuso Corippo, promoted by the Corippo 1975 Foundation, will be launched. The Council of the Corippo 1975 Foundation realizes that the moment is not the most propitious to talk about new investments in the tourism sector. That of the Albergo Diffuso Corippo is, however, a long-term project which must look ahead. We believe that in difficult times, such as the present, our project can be a signal – modest but significant – of confidence and hope in view of the relaunching of the post-Coronavirus era. The Albergo Diffuso Corippo will open during the 2021 season.

Last month, the Foundation Swiss Mountain Aid (Berghilfe) assigned to the project Albergo Diffuso Corippo a non-repayable contribution of CHF 300’000. To this sum must be added the 36,500 CHF recently allocated by the Municipalities of the Region, at the invitation of the Intercommunal Meeting of the Mayors of Locarno (CISL). To finance the investment of 3.6 million francs, a total sum of approximately 3.45 million francs has been raised to date, of which over 2.5 million in subsidies, donations and non-repayable contributions and 900,000 francs in loans. The non-repayable contributions consist of the credit voted by the Grand Council of Canton Ticino in 2014, the cantonal subsidy on the basis of the Tourism Act, the contribution of the Municipality of Corippo, the subsidy of the Federal Office of Culture – Section for Historical Monuments, and other various contributions, including those of the Pro Patria Foundation and Verzasca SA, as well as private donors and sponsors. Also worthy of special mention are contributions from the municipalities of Baar (ZG), Küsnacht (ZH) and Meilen (ZH).

The missing CHF 150,000 are guaranteed by the surety granted last December by the Municipal Assembly of Frasco, with the support of the other municipalities that are about to merge into the new Municipality of Verzasca, which will assume ownership. This has now made it possible to start work on the construction of the Albergo Diffuso, with a view to opening the new structure during the 2021 season. Our planners, under the direction of the architects Edy Quaglia and Franco Patà, and the deliberating companies have worked intensively over the past few months and are ready to face the executive phase, as small construction sites such as the one for the Albergo Diffuso Corippo project are once again authorized.
In the meantime, the fundraising for the financing of the project continues, in order to honor the surety bond and, if possible, to reduce the debt to third parties.”

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